Write the difference between local applet and remote applet.

Ans:  Local Applet:- An applet developed locally and stored in a local system is known as a local applet. When a Web page is trying to find a local applet, it does not need to use the Internet and therefore the local system does not require the Internet connection. It simply searches the directories in the local system and locates and loads the specified applet.

 Specifying a Local Applet:

<applet codebase="path" code="NewApplet.class" width=120 height=120 ></apple>

Remote Applets:- A remote applet is developed by someone else and stored on a remote computer connected to the Internet. If our system is connected to the internet, we can download the remote applet onto our system via at the Internet and run it. To locate and load a remote applet, we must know the applet’s address on the Web. This address is known as Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and must be specified in the applet’s HTML document as the value of the CODEBASE attribute.

Specifying a Remote Applet:

<applet codebase=http://www.myconnectdemo.com/applets/code="NewApplet.class" width=120 height=120 > </applet>

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